Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LMT Forex Formula Review, It's a scam?

With so many new Forex products coming into the market every day, it can be difficult choosing one that will be as effective as you would like it to be. Most Forex products promise unbelievable results and prey on people who are new to the industry because of their vulnerability. If you are looking for a Forex product that you can trust, you should get LMT Forex Formula.
LMT stands for Low Maintenance Trading, and that is exactly what the program offers. It is a program created by one of the most established names in the industry- Dean Saunders. Saunders is the author of many other Forex products in the past, all of which are known to be effective. That is one of the main reasons that make the program trustworthy.

The other main reason to trust the program is that it is not a Forex robot. Forex robots are a highly risky proposition as they take over the entire trading process. There is no human input to the program and it only runs on an algorithm. Algorithms may not always give accurate results, which could means thousands of dollars in cash for you. LMT Forex Formula does not trade on your behalf. Instead, it uses its algorithm to identify the trade, but only goes ahead with the trade once you have given your confirmation. And, the program also helps you decide whether or not a trade is profitable. It provides you with 4 checks and if the checks are satisfactory, you can go ahead with the trade.
The best thing about LMT Forex Formula is that it only deals with trade that can make over 100 pips. So, you will only have to look at a few trades a week as opposed to many trades throughout the day. This makes it easy even for a part-time trader to make money.

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